With our diverse business ventures,
Quality remains a constant

Time has been a Witness to our Commitment to Excellence.

Innovation, perseverance and undying attention to detail have shaped us into a formidable group. We have always strived to gauge the pulse of the market. Being receptive to change and reinventing our processes accordingly continue to be the cornerstones of our success.


Since our inception in 1970, we have been striving to continuously improve ourselves and become a renowned textile conglomerate. Today, we have expanded our business to include dairy, power generation, and retail, all while maintaining our commitment to innovation, design, and exceptional service. Our customers deserve nothing less than the best, and we make sure to deliver just that.

Our core values center around empowering our workforce, ensuring uncompromising quality, and giving back to society for a promising future. The untiring devotion and strict adherence to our principles have helped us achieve a reputable name in the local and international market.

Over the past four decades, our pursuit of excellence has opened up new avenues for us, propelling us to achieve exponential growth across all our business segments.

We take great pride in not only being a leader in our industry but also in making positive contributions towards the betterment of society, and our corporate social responsibility initiatives are a testament to this commitment. We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to achieve their social, spiritual, and professional goals through productive engagement.















Our journey through time

We have successfully carved out an aggressive strategy to harmonize our current operations by setting up facilities at par with international standards. Our unwavering resolve towards the production of quality goods and provision of services has equipped us to be an exemplary group.


5,000,000 Kg/Month


10 Million Meters/Month


300,000 KG/Month

Melange/Yarn Dyeing
Home Textiles

1 Million Meters Per Month

Apparel Dyed Fabric

6 Million Meters/Month

Knits Apparel
Thermal Energy
Work-wear Apparel

150,000 PCS/Month

Renewable Energy
Retail Business
Denim Fabric
Casual Wear Apparel

30,000 PCS/Day

There are no shortcuts to long term success


The underlying theme of our business model is to enable people to experience a better quality of life with enriching lifestyle solutions being provided by Sapphire.


Our goal of attaining excellence in all endeavours is achieved through strong relationships with customers based on mutual benefit and prosperity.


We nurture and train all talent with the purpose of pursuing integrity by activating all intellectual business contributions, necessary to build leaders of tomorrow’s corporations.


Diverse leadership is at the forefront in all our business ventures. This yields the magic ingredient for ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ that is clearly manifested in our goods and services.


As an environment-friendly group we support a safe environment that values the health of both employees and general public. Our safety policies are applied across the board.

Board of Directors
Mr. Mian Mohammad Abdullah (Chairman)

Mian Mohammad Abdullah is the Chairman and founder of the Sapphire Group of Companies, a leading private sector employer in Pakistan. With extensive experience in different business environments, he has established himself as a leading and experienced industrialist. Currently, the group has stakes in Textile, Power Generation, Dairy Farm, and Retail, reflecting Mian Abdullah’s diverse business interests.

In addition to his business success, he is also an active philanthropist, having served on the boards of various organizations dedicated to social causes which includes Abdullah Foundation. His contributions to the business world have been recognized with Pakistan’s top civilian award, the Sitara-e-Imtiaz, which he has received twice for his long-standing contribution to the industry.

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Mr. Shahid Abdullah

Mr. Shahid Abdullah has been a part of the Sapphire Group since 1980 and currently serves as a director for various companies within the group. In his role, he is responsible for both long-term and short-term planning and forecasting. Mr. Abdullah has been instrumental in introducing new lines of business, including knitting, cone dyeing, fabric dyeing, and finishing. Currently, he is working with his team on new projects in the fields of Precision Agriculture and Electric Mobility in Pakistan.
He has extensive experience in spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing, and power generation. In addition to his technical expertise, Mr. Abdullah is also skilled in business dealings, particularly in the procurement of plant and machinery, raw materials, and other assets. He is well-versed in sales promotion and has successfully built a strong reputation for Sapphire products in both local and export markets.
Mr. Abdullah holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Karachi and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Sapphire Fibres Limited and Sapphire Electric Company Limited.

nadeem sb
Mr. Nadeem Abdullah

Mr. Nadeem Abdullah has held the position of Chief Executive Officer at Sapphire Textile Mills Limited for the past 16 years, in addition to serving as a director of other group companies. He earned his degree from McGill University in Canada and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company’s renewable energy subsidiaries.
During his tenure as CEO, Mr. Nadeem has played a key role in the company’s diversification efforts in the value-added segment, including retail and renewable energy. He has extensive experience in business establishment and management, and has overseen the growth of the organization by introducing new product lines and managing the development of many value-added products. Mr. Nadeem’s involvement in the development of the group’s textile operations has provided him with an in-depth understanding of the business.
Furthermore, Mr. Nadeem’s expertise spans multiple disciplines, including sales and marketing, supply chain management, and product development and management.

Mian Amer Abdullah Sb
Mr. Amer Abdullah

Mr. Amer Abdullah holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the United States and joined the Sapphire Group at a young age. He was appointed as a director for various group companies in 1990 and has since undertaken various textile expansion projects and diversified the dairy business.
Mr. Abdullah is experienced in business dealings, particularly in the procurement of plant and machinery, raw materials, and other assets. He has also gained rich experience in sales promotion and has successfully built a strong reputation for Sapphire products in both domestic and export markets.
Currently, Mr. Abdullah serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Fabrics Limited and Sapphire Dairies (Private) Limited.

yousuf sb
Mr. Yousuf Abdullah

Mr. Yousuf Abdullah serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited which makes fabrics and garments, and employs about 10,000 people. He was appointed director of several Sapphire Group companies in 1997, and his vision played a key role in the introduction of value added textiles. With extensive experience in international sales promotion, he has helped build a strong reputation for Sapphire products in international markets. He graduated from Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, and MBA from Cambridge University.

Social Responsibility

Being a progressive company, lending a helping hand to the society has remained an obligation among our core values. Our various corporate social responsibility initiatives are carried out with utmost sincerity and pure intent.


Named after our founding father and the present Chairman of Sapphire Group, ‘Abdullah Foundation’ was established with an aim of giving back to the society. It has supported and remained actively engaged in philanthropic projects considering that society and corporations are inextricably linked.

Abdullah Foundation has been blessed with success in different endeavors and enjoys a position where it can take up issues that have been close to its heart or that require critical attention. Through its different initiatives, it aims to make a difference in the life of others for collective good. Therefore, it has always been involved in social work and philanthropist activities. The projects that Abdullah Foundation has taken up in this regard have been diverse. But the key areas of attention have been education and health.

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